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The Robot Investment Calculator is a tool developed primarily for private investors, financial advisors, financial professionals, and students of finance. It helps to calculate compound interest, savings, and expected returns from bond funds.

It also performs state-of-the-art graphical simulations of investment portfolios containing stock and bond funds, so is a unique tool for financial planners. The Robot Investment Calculator was written by a financial professional who has been in the business since 1993. The algorithms used in the software have passed the test of time during the last twenty turbulent years in financial markets.

However, most importantly, the Robot Investment Calculator contains six powerful indicators that enable you to spot stock market booms and busts while there’s still the time to change your investment portfolio. Is the stock market overpriced or underpriced? The notorious P/E ratio won’t tell you with any certainty and fails most miserably when you need it most urgently. The Robot Investment Calculator offers some more dependable indicators, most of which your usual finance textbook will have no idea about.

A plain-language non-technical description and user manual is included. You can send a message to the author if you need help or a consultation. The most recent data is downloaded daily from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis database. No need of data typing or buying additional database access.

  • Calculations of compound interest, savings, and expected returns
  • State-of-the-art but easy-to-use graphical simulations of investment portfolio returns and risks (functionality restricted in LEVEL 1)
  •  Unique stock market dashboard to identify overheated or underpriced markets (functionality restricted in LEVEL 1)
  • Communication module: ask the author if necessary!
  • Automated updating, no need of buying a database access

Please note that Robot Investment Calculator LEVEL 1 is free. Some advanced features are disabled, but the software can still be used for a variety of calculations. An upgrade (paid) is possible at all times.

Install instructions

Just download and run. Note that this is a LEVEL 1 version, which comes free but with limited functionalities. A paid upgrade is possible.


InvestCalc1.exe 25 MB

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